Fundraising Music Events for Ukraine

The underground stands united against war. 

This week alone there were airstrikes in Syria, in Yemen, in Somalia and within our neighboring Ukraine. 

We’re here to fill the world with art not weapons. We sang in the sixties, “give peace a chance”, and in the seventies, and in the eighties and today, but who is really listening?

“War against a foreign country only happens when moneyed classes think they are going to profit from it”.

We can keep quoting Orwell, as power hungry, petty men fill the world with greed and ashes. 

Wise warriors avoid battle, and leaders are meant to lead by example, not force, not violence. In the midst of every chaos, there is opportunity. For kindness, for solidarity, for kinship.

European clubs, venues, promotors, artists, labels are uniting the rave scene to raise funds for the people of Ukraine who deserve better.

Art isn’t made to decorate apartments, 
but to move, to propel, to create new realities.

The Underground Dances United. 

#Underground4Ukraine, #MakeArtNotWar


I’m in. How do I participate?

  1. Reach out to indicating that you want to be part of the initiative. You can also donate immediately via whydonate.
  2. U4U adds you to the participant list (i.e. your commitment to run a fundraising art event where you donate proceeds in support of Ukraine).
  3. You run your event (any time in March, April or beyond, the sooner the better ofc).
  4. You collect profits earned from the event and donate to U4U. 
  5. U4U sends lump donations every two weeks to Ukrainian Women’s Fund & Urgent Action Fund, 50/50. 
  6. UWF & UAF continuously resource humanitarian aid efforts for displaced Ukrainians or those affected directly by the war within Ukraine. 

In parallel. Sharing the U4U initiative with other spaces/people who you know might be interested in joining, helps spread the word, so be our carrier pigeon.


The font used in the U4U logo is called Rublena by Kyiv Type Foundry in Ukraine.
Take a look at their website: