Participating venues are dedicating a night, throughout March or April (this might be extended – the needs for displaced people will extend for some time) in solidarity for Ukraine.

Festivals, artists, labels and record stores can support by sharing the initiative with their communities, launching a fundraiser, or contributing financially.

Everyone that feels affiliated can share the initiative, launch a fundraiser, or contribute via the link below.

Distribution of funds

All proceeds go to Ukrainian grassroots activist groups, providing essential aid and support to the most vulnerable people on the ground.

These two grantmaking organisations have local know-how and networks, thus making them well-positioned to make decisions on where to channel funds across Ukraine in real-time, as the situation is turbulent and we can count on ongoing challenges and surprises. 

Urgent Action Fund – UAF supports women, trans, and nonbinary activists on the ground in and surrounding Ukraine by providing flexible funding and security support. They have issued a call for support to make rapid response grants. 

The funds will go to groups and individuals seeking:

  • Support with emergency evacuations and relocations;
  • Legal, financial, and medical support;
  • Security and disaster survival training;
  • Increasing shelter capacities for children, women, and all other civilians;
  • Access to alternative communication channels, mobile internet, power banks, VPNs, proxy, spare phones, and tablet

Ukrainian Women’s Fund – The Ukrainian fund is the only Ukraine-based Women’s Fund. It provides resources to women’s rights/feminist organisations: grants, expertise, training, facilitation, platforms for cooperation. Their website offers resources to understand the situation in Ukraine from a gender perspective. The fund is mobilising resources to support its rapid response grants to women’s rights and feminist groups.

However, many other worthy groups, associations, collectives are doing essential work in aid, relief, trauma care, and other vital functions mitigating the fallout of warfare. Solidarity efforts are not about competition but collaboration, so there is no border to giving and support. Here is a list of reliable organisations people can choose to additionally donate to, or find useful resources and petitions in the wider mobilisations against war.