Participating (A-Z)

Abstrakce / B.F.E. Records (Madrid, Spain)
Alter Ego (Amsterdam)
Arno (Pressure Traxx, Berlin)
Bachstelzen (Berlin, Germany)
Basic Moves (Brussels, Belgium)
Blank (Malta)
Cabanne (Perlon / Yoyaku, Paris)
C12 (Brussels, Belgium)
Carpet & Snares (Lisbon, Portugal)
Childhood Intelligence (Frankfurt, Germany)
Communitism (Athens, Greece)
Crevette Records (Brussels, Belgium)
Dachstock (Bern, Switzerland)
Dure Vie (Paris, France)
Funke (Gent, Belgium)
Fuse (Brussels, Belgium)
Garbicz (Garbicz, Poland)
Giegling (Berlin, Germany)
Hangar (Brussels, Belgium)
Higher Hopes (Brussels, Belgium)
Hopetosse (Berlin, Germany)
Hors-Sol (Paris, France)
Horst Arts & Music (Leuven, Belgium)
Into the Woods (Amersfoort, Netherlands)
IsBurning (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Kamiwaza (Angers, France)
Kapitel Bollwerk (Bern, Switzerland)
Kiosk Radio (Brussels, Belgium)
KCZ (Basel, Switzerland)
La Nature (Vielsalm, Belgium)
Lamache (Berlin, Germany)
Listen Festival (Brussels, Belgium)
Magic Carpet (Lisbon, Portugal)
Maloca (Brussels, Belgium)
Margaux (Berlin, Germany)
Minerva Records (Salzburg, Austria)
Nacht (Leuven, Belgium)
Off The Grid (Berlin, Germany)
One Eye Witness (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
OXI (Berlin, Germany)
Paradise City (Perk, Belgium)
Perola Negra (Porto, Lisbon)
QReclaim (Athens, Greece)
Refuge Worldwide (Berlin, Germany)
Rex Club (Paris, France)
Small Black Dots (Barcelona, Spain)
Sunny Side Up (Attard, Malta)
Suntrip Records (Maarkedal, Belgium)
The Block (Tel Aviv, Israel)
The MUDD Show (Berlin, Germany)
Transit (Chemnitz, Germany)
Trommel (London, United Kingdom)
United We Stream (global)
Vilamar Records (Lisbon, Portugal)
Waking Life (Crato, Portugal)
Wildeburg (Kraggenburg, Netherlands)
Yoyaku (Paris, France)

This list is rolling, sister tribes are very welcome to keep joining.

This is an open initiative. Whoever wants to join with their event, poetry slam, drag show, mural painting, flashmob, whatever participatory artistic event, reach out to and we’ll send you a media pack.